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Why Should You Rent a Photo Booth This Halloween - Photo Booth Rentals Austin

Why Should You Rent a Photo Booth This Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and we couldn’t just be more excited. This is that time of the year for overflowing candy, jack-o-lanterns, trick or treats and most important of them all, costumes. This is the time become whoever or whatever you would want to be. This is also a great time to go out with friends and enjoy everyone else’s costumes. And then, there’s the pictures. Whether you are the one renting the photo booth or going to a party where there is going to be one, you know how photo booths would preserve your memories and be shared sometime in the future. Here are some photo booth ideas to try while you are there at the moment.

The Couple

You and your partner have put a lot of effort into your Batman and Robin, Bonnie and Clyde couple costume and you both look adorable together. Make sure that you capture this memory. Everyone else too would be thankful of the photo booth since they would also be joining in and getting their spooky shenanigans on photo prints.

Twins, by Accident

You have done your research and have worked thoroughly to get your costume as unique as possible but then, someone else have their costume nearly as you. Now what are the odds of that? But rather than having the guys argue, why not just head to the photo booth and make a memory out of the ‘incident’ and keep the fun of the event alive.

Iconic Heroes and Villains

Comic book has never been bigger and everywhere you look, you would be seeing someone wearing an Avenger costume, Batman and Robin, Joker – Heath Ledger style and many more. A good way is to get them together in take a group picture. Gather everyone around and have a fun ‘movie’ poster style of picture taking.

Lights, Camera, Action

Halloween and the current trend are not exactly separable. On top of the other samples mentioned above, you would also see costumes from famous movies and iconic TV shows. Some would even go beyond and create elaborate group costumes! Make sure to capture all of these with the photo booth and you’ll be pleased to see that it will be a hit on your Facebook timeline.

Photo Booth Rentals Austin can definitely help you with great ideas and will bring you an awesome setup for your Halloween event and provides the perfect props that will let all your guests strike their best poses. For inquiries, please contact us at (512) 763-5244 and we’d be more than happy to help.