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What to Ask When Renting a Photo Booth

It is essential that you ask as much questions as you can when you are to consider working with a photo booth rental company. To help you find a good photo booth rental company, here are some top questions that you should ask when considering which one to hire.

Would they offer props?

If a photo booth rental company says that they do not offer props, it might be a red flag. Some rental companies will not as they only cater or mostly work only with corporate event so it is not really needed. But if your event is social, such as a wedding, graduation party or a school event, it is more likely that you would need to incorporate props into your chosen package.

Will the backdrop be a plain background? 

This is an important question to ask too because the background adds colors to your photos and of course, you would not want your guests to be blending in the background. Check with the vendor on the options you may have as the backdrop will be in every photo. Ask us about our custom backdrops which would give you endless creativity with your backdrops.

Do they have references?

You want to make sure that if you are spending hard earned money for your event, you are only renting from an experienced, quality photo booth rental company. You would also need to make sure that the majority of reviews have high praises for the company and are truly satisfied with their services. For online reviews, every company is going to have a negative review, but if those overcome the positive ones, then it is better to move along to the next.

Does it come with an attendant?

Some people who acquire the service of the corporate photo booth rental quickly assume that the photo booth package comes with an attendant. The others, would be thinking that since the booth will operate on its own, it will not require an attendant. These are wrong assumptions. You should always make sure that an attendant is always present to help and facilitate your photo booth rental. By having an attendant, you are making sure that the photo booth experience will go off without any worries.

Do they offer customizable photos? 

The photo booth is part of the attraction and entertainment. To make it even more special for your event, you should ask the photo booth rental company if they can personalize or design the photos to the theme of your event. You certainly have spent time and effort towards the theme of your event so it is just right to make the photo booth and photos tie in perfectly.