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Wedding Photography: Timeline of Your Big Day

Having finalized the selection for a photographer that fits your style, you would then need to work with them in finding a package that would suit all your needs. But before you start working on the details of the day, you would need to see the big day in your head first. By having a timeline for your wedding, you will let other people who plays a vital role to make sure that the day will go without a glitch.

Setting the Timing Pre and Post Ceremony

A big aspect of the timeline are travel time, location of reception and the length of the ceremony. The times of travel greatly impacts on the calculation of the hours you would require. Have an idea of the travel times. Say if you have a 30-minute drive or commute to a location, that needs to be included in the coverage time regardless if the travel is going to be documented or not. Be mindful of the ceremony too. Take into account not just the ceremony but also how long it might take you to leave.

Reception coverage

After the ceremony, guests will head off to the reception. It is here where most of the couple’s photos will be taken. For this section of the day, think about the things or activities during the reception that you would put emphasis and documented. For example, capturing special dances, speeches, cutting of the cake, the bouquet and garter toss, to name a few. After getting an idea of how long your day might be and the details of the focused documentation, then you can look at the package details of the photographer have in store.

Make sure that you give yourself a cushion of time when booking the packages because most of the time, things will take a little bit longer than expected. If you have booked the photographer for say, 8 hours, it is advised to book not exactly 8 hours. Give extra time to make sure that all of the special memories are properly documented, even if the activities are delayed.

Other Options

Most photographers provide a standard 8-hour packages. Ask if they also offer bundled services to their photography packages such as video and photo booth services. If possible, go for the photographer that has all your needed services. By having the bundled services on the packages, you will not only save some bucks but also adding to the convenience of dealing with just only one point of contact for all your wedding documentation.