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Wedding Photo Booths: Do-it-Yourself and Rentals

Wedding Photo Booths: Do-it-Yourself and Rentals

There is always a new way to make weddings more memorable. One of the most popular way of today is to have a photo booth at your wedding.

Photo booths are fast becoming a trend because not only do they provide fun and an original experience for your guests, it also makes wedding photography a little different as well as more interesting as it is. When choosing a photo booth, couples are faced with a decision on should they rent a photo booth or should they purchase a camera and make a DIY photo booth instead. Every option has its own pros and cons and we would like to give our views on both.

Renting a Photo Booth

With renting a photo booth, you are almost guaranteed with a better end product. The cameras that are used in the photo booths are of the professional, high-end quality. The production is automated and quick and this is an important factor why most people are opting for a photo booth rental.

It might not sound logical, but by renting a photo booth, you are actually saving money. Consider time, effort and the actual cost of the equipment is actually a significant investment. Also, with a photo booth rental, there would be a professional to make sure that the booth is working well. Although it might be quite expensive to rent one, you have to consider time and effort to build one.

Purchasing a Camera and Create Your Own Photo Booth

By building your own photo booth, it can provide you with a feeling of satisfaction and pride. You will also have the chance to build it with your family and friends as well as it will be built according to your needs, requirements and how you vision on how it would be. You can also select different backdrops and décor. The purchase of the camera will be at your advantage since you can use it after the wedding. Another option is to give or rent out your DIY photo booth as well.

Without a good plan, a DIY photo booth costs can go up and another factor is that, people might not use it as it is intended to be. Have a good in place before opting to do a DIY photo booth.

Whatever you may choose, having a photo booth at your wedding is a fun and unique idea that makes sure that your wedding is to be remembered for the years to come.