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Top Reasons to Have Winter Weddings

Summer is an excellent and by far the most favored season for holding weddings and there are very good reasons why. Summer allows to use the outdoors in comfort such as gardens and beaches. But summer’s counterpart, winter, also offers a wide and unique array of options.

  1. A bridal attire to envy – bridal fashion based on the seasons is always exciting and winter wedding attire is a definite no exception. Winter brides are blessed with to wear faux fur, full length gloves, capes, muffs, luxurious coats, dresses of either softer or sturdier fabric with structured or a gentle, whimsical style. With winter wedding dresses, there is not a lot of restrictions like with a summer wedding. In summer months, you absolutely have to stay cool, while in winter, the condition is stay warm. Also in winter, you can dress up and down, all in the same day. The options of dresses for types and layers are absolutely endless.
  2. An undivided guest list – Everybody needs a holiday and fortunately, winter does not have that much. This would mean that guests would be bustling to consider your own wedding as their winter break. Why this would happen you may ask? It is because most couples choose the warmer months to throw their weddings and guests would often attend several weddings in a single season, letting them choose which weddings would they can and cannot attend. By having your wedding during the winter season can save guests from these forced decision making as your big day will only be their agenda.
  3. A fairy tale wedding without breaking the bank – candles, fairy lights, and a blazing fire is a definite must for any winter wedding as they bring with them that fairy tale charm with =out breaking your budget. There is something imaginative and romantic at the same time about a wedding celebration inside a cozy hall with wine on tap and guests are kept warm by the fire while the typical winter weather swirls outside. It you want to take it up a notch, rent an open air photo booth with all the bells and whistles to capture all the memories. You can be assured that your guests will have a good time at the wedding reception.
  4. Magical weather – any season can bring you wind, sun and rain. But one season is unique, winter. Whether you are choosing your white wedding dress or not, a wedding in the snow will ensure the entire day, you and your partner that you would be cloaked in sparkling and traditional white, without to have to rely on white drapes or décor. Nature is completely working in your favor.
  5. The show will go on – No matter the weather condition, your wedding is sure to be a success. You and your guests will know that the event is in winter and so everyone will be coming prepared for any changes in the weather. Remember, no matter how you choose to throw your wedding either inside a hall or under a cover outside, the weather will surely enhance your chosen location.