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The “I’m Engaged To-Do List” Every Groom Should Know


Now that we’ve talked about the “I’m Engaged To-Do List” for brides-to-be, let’s go to the other end of the spectrum and discuss what every groom-to-be should know. Most of the wedding planning may be associated with the bride, but grooms play an important part in it too – after all, it takes two (and a large team!) to get married!

Here’s a list that every groom should begin with: the basic to-do list every groom should know:

Buy the ring. We’re assuming that when you proposed, you already got the engagement ring for your fiancée and you’ve planned your entire proposal out. But in the off chance that you haven’t (or if you are following other cultures where you propose first and let the woman choose the ring), then you have to get the engagement ring to make it official! Since you haven’t bought the ring yet, it’s better to take your fiancée with you and let her choose.

Create your list of groomsmen – and choose your best man! Just as your bride has to take care of the guest list AND her bridesmaids, you are responsible for finalizing who your groomsmen will be and, more importantly, who you want by your side as your best man.

Get yourself and your groomsmen fitted for tuxes. It is your responsibility to find a tailor who will create your and your groomsmen’s tuxes for the wedding. If you’re on a strict budget, go to you can always rent tuxes – but make sure to take your groomsmen for a fitting to have the tuxes taken in according to your sizes.

Plan your honeymoon. As soon as you start planning the wedding, plan where you want to take your soon-to-be wife on your honeymoon. Make the necessary bookings early to get the best deals and to make sure you get the arrangements you want. This also saves you from cramming later, when you should be focusing on your upcoming wedding.

Book the main services. This includes the wedding venue, the reception venue, the officiator (whether it’s a judge, a rabbi, a priest or any other religious or authoritative figure with the right to marry), the entertainment, and the wedding cars. If you can get someone you know of people recommended by friends, it will make your job much easier – just make sure to confirm with the bride before finalizing any deals.

Give the jeweler your measurements for the wedding bands. Are you buying ready-made rings or having custom ones made? Give your ring sizes early to make sure that your rings arrive in time for the big day.

Write your vows – no cheating! Many grooms say they aren’t usually big for words – men are known for showing their love through actions – but this is the one time you need to make an exception. You can ask for help in writing your vows, but make sure it’s your entire idea. These are, after all, promises you’re making to your future wife! It doesn’t have to be overly romantic or grand – just heartfelt and sincere.

Get groomed before the big day!You don’t have to do this until the week of the wedding, but remember to get pampered and groomed before your big day! Get a good haircut a few days before the wedding, and shave as you’d like the day before. You need to look sharp when you say your “I Dos” – a little me time won’t hurt!

Spend quality time with your fiancée. In the middle of all the wedding planning, your fiancée might forget to pause and relax. Make sure to spend a lot of quality time with each other as you plan to take the next step in your lives. Take her to a spa date or cook her dinner and give her a massage, just as long as you spend time together to remember what your wedding day really is about: a celebration of your love and the start of your life together.

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