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Strike a pose in a Photo Booth!

In one of Madonna’s hit songs, she was singing about striking a pose on a dance floor. Why not take that dance pose in front of the camera? Photo Booth brings out the fun on everyone!  Even the shyest guest can surprise you when they strike a pose inside the Photo Booth.

Coming up with a pose to remember is the best part of a photo booth, here are some suggestions on how to get that perfect or memorable pose.

Maximize the usage of props

Maximizing the usage of props can greatly add some flair to your pose and pictures. Props can also match your special occasion or an event. With all the different glasses, wigs and hats to choose from, there is always something for everyone! Take on as many characters as you want! The possibilities are limitless!

The Larger the better!

Some Photo Booths are made for large group of people. The more people you squeeze in, the more fun and outrageous the photo becomes. This pose offers a fun and exciting pose at the same time the results are great!

Be creative!

Everyone loves a famous reenactment pose, so try and imitate your favorite arts such as, Mona Lisa smile, the scream, the thinker, the 3 wise monkeys, and there is still a few poses you may want to try. Remember the more poses you do the better!

Action Pose!

Action makes everything more fun! Putting actions in your photos is not the easiest but it is the most exciting type of pose there is! You can pretend to run out of the box, jump up with the picture, or copy the pose of Madonna in her music video Vogue.

No matter what pose you take, everything will be memorable when you use a Photo Booth! For more information visit our website at http://photoboothrentalsaustin.com/. You could also call us at (512) 763-5244 for more info!