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Questions to Ask When Renting a Photo Booth for Prom

Year after year, schools are now organizing parties that are raising the bar and making it an unforgettable experience.  Proms of today now include renting photo booths and with the expectation of students increasing every year, it is important to get the details as to the expectation.

Our new article gives you a simple guide that you would need to inquire your prospective photo booth vendor.

  1. Size of the photo booth. Students are quite uncontainable at parties and the school prom is not an exception. From arriving at the prom in group limousines to gathering outside the venue in small groups, they will be without a doubt, lining up and crowding into the photo booth. A good suggestion for the photo booth is to rent an open air photo booth. Open air photo booths will definitely accommodate more than that of a closed booth.
  2. Props – A big part of the school prom is about dressing up and the same idea is also expected in the photo booth. Ask about the vendor if they would include in the rent the props that are suitable to your prom theme. The standard type of props would normally include hats, masks, wigs and feather boas.
  3. Photo booth backdrops – With all the time and effort in organizing the prom, you would want to make sure that the photo prints the students get would form a memory that is lasting of not only the event itself but also of the time the student is in your institution. Most photo booths offer a choice of simple backdrops and some can offer digital backdrops which students can stand in front of.
  4. Social media capacity. It will come as not as a surprise that students would like some photo booths that have the capability to post the photos directly to Facebook, or any other social media accounts that they may have for that matter, from where they can share and tag the photos from which they can appear in. This is one good question to ask to the provider.

It is not exactly rocket science on getting the options right for the photo booth. Simply be prepared to ask the vendor these few questions and have an agreement in advance.

If you have other questions, we at Photo Booth Rentals Austin would be happy to answer them. Call us at (512) 763-5244 now!