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Photo Booth Rentals- Planning your Prom - photo booth rental austin

Photo Booth Rentals: Planning your Prom

Prom. The big event is only a few months away. You and the other students might have the venue booked, getting the details right, and the theme implemented. When considering for the entertainment, make sure that you look into renting a photo booth.

Choosing for a Venue 

Some prom committees and schools propose and hold their proms in their own gymnasium or auditorium while others take the event to an off-campus location. To help, have the prom committee check on ballrooms, convention centers, riverboats, hotels and some large fancy restaurants. Also, it helps to think big and outside the box, let your creativity inspire you.

A DJ, Band or Both? 

Deciding on the music is an important part of prom planning as music set the mood for the entire evening. In deciding for a DJ, ask for references and a client list. When interviewing for bands, ask them which bands or their genre which they ‘specialize’ in. It is also good to check the band on where they regularly play and to see them in action as well as check how they sound live. Take note, music is vital that it can either inspire people to dance or sit on the sidelines.

Booking a Photo Booth for your Prom 

In addition to all the fun, memories and excitement a photo booth is guaranteed to generate, there are so many reasons as to why you need to rent a photo booth for your prom. Photo booths help people to mingle, mix, and meet others. It is amazing to see people who are a bit shy acting silly in front of the camera. Also, people love to take home souvenirs of themselves. Photo booth photos are an amazing prom party favor. In the future, you can see these pictures on your classmate’s fridge or in their office and they usually often remain there for the years to come.

Planning for the Menu

Prom attendants would like to get their money’s worth whether the event’s meal is a sit-down dinner, hors d’oeuvres, or a buffet. As a tip, go for a menu that offers familiarity with as much variety as the food budget would allow. Good choices are steaks, chicken and pasta for the classics and ice cream sundae or cupcakes for dessert. If you are unsure that your menu can be a bit limited, ask the members of the committee. If there is something on the menu for everyone’s taste buds, there is a big chance that there will be something interesting for all the people who will attend the event.