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Photo Booth Rentals Austin - On Securing Corporate Sponsors

Photo Booth Rentals: On Securing Corporate Sponsors

You may have had the that experience of planning a gala or a fundraising event. You would know that costs can quickly add up. Not to mention food and drinks, you as a host might be pressured to add additional possibilities for entertainment and activities to set your event from the others.

But what would you do if your budget is spread thin and be thinking of ‘scarificing’ a photo booth for your event?

Get a corporate sponsor.

Rather than thinking that a photo booth is only for entertainment for your charity event, the photo booth can also serve as a medium for branding, promotion and marketing for your corporate sponsor.

Here are some ways your corporate sponsor can market themselves with a photo booth at your charity event.

  1. All guests will go home with a photo print with your corporate sponsor’s logo on it. Usually, flyers, business cards and event programs do end up in the trash bin almost immediately after any event. Compared with the lifespan of a photo booth print, the photo prints last significantly longer because it becomes a personal item to the owner. Come to think of it, guests are not going to come home and stick the event’s program up the fridge. But they are more likely to stick the photo prints which just happens to have be branded with your corporate sponsor’s logo.
  2. All Photos that are shared on social networks can include your corporate sponsor’s logo, @handle and #hastags. Once the sponsor confirms, you can use a photo booth’s powerful social media sharing capability to attach any social media handles, or any relevant hashtags to uploads. If social media growth and reach is a priority for your corporate sponsor, this is a great way to help them reach that marketing goal.
  3. Every photo will have your corporate sponsor’s logo in the backdrop. The step and repeat backdrop approach is one of the easiest ways to get your corporate sponsor excited in contributing to your charity event’s photo booth rental. They just need to send in their logo and that is just about it. They are now inseparable from the hundreds or even thousands of photos that is generated by the photo booth. Again, these photos are used almost on all social media channels and this could mean extra mileage to your corporate sponsor’s online visibility.