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How Photo Booth Helps for Corporate Event Marketing

Photo booths are becoming the most popular form of entertainment at events these days. Whether it is for private or corporate parties, music festivals and product launches, photo booths are packed with marketing features that are a great way to promote your business or remind guests about the fun they had at your event. Everybody knows the enthusiasm with photo booths, we came up with some top reasons why photo booths make amazing branding tools.

Creating a Unique Experience

Find a photo booth service that will fit both your event and brand. Remind your photo booth guests of your brand by carefully choosing the backdrop and background layouts. Custom backdrops and sets also acts a prime ad space for sponsors or for other stakeholders who would generally benefit from having their logos displayed at your event.

Increase in Engagement

You can just imagine: good music, fun props, lovely people, and an awesome photo booth to capture all of the fun. Your event can double up as a perfect platform to engage with potential clients. Photo booths are definitely an attraction and a good conversation starter between you and potential clients or customers. Photo booths provide a relaxed environment that leads to better engagement. With better engagement, this would mean added opportunities to talk about your offerings and create better foundations for future relationships.

Broadcast Experience with Social Media

Social media is one form of marketing tools today. Your guests would definitely enjoy posting their photos while it takes your brand viral on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Not only would social media integration to your photo booth generate the ‘buzz’ but will also give data insights and capture data for a more effective marketing campaign. In the end, your guests would love to take their photos and share them on their social media accounts and you on the other hand, you would be able to get a more reliable guest data.

Word of Mouth Promotion

While photo booths are quite common at private parties, they are still fairly new to roadshows and trade events. If you have one set up on your event, it will stand out and customers or clients will remember it better. This is true if you encourage guests to chat with you about what it does, why is it there and what connection it has with your brand or products. Word of mouth promotion should not be underestimated and it also best to interact with guests; answering questions, fielding queries and talking directly to interested parties.