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Holiday Themed Props for Photo Booths: What Works and Not

Having to set a theme on your holiday party is a great way to personalize the accessories. Props are always fun but customizing them to add to the ones the photo booth vendor will always be a blast. By setting the theme, the event will create a strong value and an unforgettable event for all the guests. Some props may work well and some might not, what then would you have for your holiday party?

What works:

  1. Wigs and funny hats – once these props are put on, laughter would instantaneously follow. On why these props works well is that they are overdone and is so out of the daily norm we recognize from a professional standpoint.
  2. Mustaches – just like wigs, adding different types of mustaches can create a ton of fun. They can be sometimes tricky as they require one per person and having a paper mustache on a stick can be just as funny. The resulting photos and how loud the laughter is would prove how much people have enjoyed having it as a prop.
  3. Sunglasses – are great in any way that you can work them in. Unknowingly, a lot secretly loves to be another person behind a pair of cool sunglasses so why not help them live out their fantasy?
  4. Gloves – easy to wear, easy to remove. They provide a whole category of different types of style options. There is nothing that would say “upper class” like a pair of gloves.
  5. Handheld items – holiday themes are simple enough and is advised to make sure to include items that people would actually want to hold or wear rather than just some other knick-knack. One good idea is to have these accessories at the table as part of the holiday theme. This way, guests can easily access them and you would not worry about not having enough.

What does not work:

  1. Necklaces – yes, they are cool but people will not notice them really as a photo piece. They may add to the experience but will not stand as much against other props.
  2. Small items – rings, pins etc.. really does not get noticed. But if it is an essential part of the theme, then it is wise to get the super sized version of it.
  3. Full costumes – no one would want to put on a full version of it. Costumes can cost you comparing to smaller props. Make things easy on the photo booth.
  4. Expensive props – guests would inevitably drop props, spill cocktails on them, or even can “forget” that they are not part of the gift. Make sure that even the props do not make it the end of the event, you will not regret purchasing them.