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History of Photo Booths

These days, we are used to the modern photo booth models that can be easily set up in a corner and practically produces instant images. These photo booths have brought joy to party goers for year and they tend to make every event real, and make lasting impression where ever you are, may it be at malls or in a party.

But where did photo booth really begin?

While Poole and Pope from Baltimore submitted the first patent on a fully automated photo booth, it never really worked the way they wanted it to. Even the ones in the World fair in Paris, it never performed the way it is supposed to work.

Finally in the year 1890, Bernitt created the first successful photo booth called The “Bosco”. Rather than positive and negative processing option, this photo booth can only produce ferrotypes.

The 1st fully working Photo Booth!

In 1896 Carl Sasse created the first working photo booth that anyone today can recognize. This is because it produced better photos. It also uses both positive and negative processing feature, this means it can produce full images immediately. Though it we don’t have any record on how long it really took, but its immediate enough back then. This photo booth did not really reach mass popularity back then.

Curtained Photo booth

A Russian born inventor namely Anatol Josepho created the curtained photo booth and put it in use on a Broadway in 1925. Here you can pay 25 cents for eight images to be taken. You would wait for only 10 minutes for your photos to be printed in strip version.

In only 6 months, a quarter of a million images were taken! The Photomation Company decided to take over and placed photo booths all over the country. This solidified the American dream for Mr. Josepho. He was paid a million dollars and guaranteed future royalties.

And this was the beginning of the photo booth story. From here, people got more creative and added props and other types of camera. Photo booths became larger, and some companies added green screen for manipulation of the background. But no matter how advanced or how high tech a photo booth is, one fact still remains the same. IT’S FUN!