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Have a Photo Booth to Promote Your Wedding Hashtag

It never has been easier to get the candid photos of your wedding day. With all your friends and family grabbing their smartphones, everybody becomes an instant photographer. It is for this reason that most brides (or wedding couples) create specific hashtags for their wedding pictures. Hashtags are an easy way to sort and find pictures your big day as taken by your guests, friends and family. XXX allows you to customize your prints and digital photos with your own custom hashtags, making online sharing easier.

Make a Customized Wedding Hashtag

Make it easy for your friends, family and guests to take pictures and share photos of your wedding. By using a hashtag, it is easier to spot your images on social media like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and capture the amazing journey that leads to your big day.

Your wedding hashtag does not need to be complicated or overly funny but instead, can be simple. To start, you can try #YOURNAMEWedding and avoid punctuations and special characters. Start tagging relevant images on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using your wedding hashtag and encourage friends and family to do the same.

Use Your Custom Hashtag with your Photo Booth Rental

Renting a photo booth for your wedding allows your guests to get into action and create instant memories and unforgettable visuals to share. It is a given that your tech savvy family and friends do know how to navigate around social media but your grandma does not. A photo booth rental allows for everyone to share their own photos taken on the photo booth, regardless of their knowledge of social media knowledge.

Photo Booth Rentals Austin can help your wedding day not only a day to remember forever but also an experience you can always revisit time and again. From digital to printed photos, complete with your wedding hashtag, it has not been easier to capture memories from your big day. We will fully customize your photo print outs to include graphics and your chosen hashtag you would want for your photos. To learn more about Photo Booth Rentals Austin or simply to get the latest news, tips and trends, visit our blog and we would be looking forward to be a part of your special big day!