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Good Ideas for Hosting a Graduation Party

You had put a lot of effort and hard work for the past few years, and it is finally time to celebrate. Graduation season is here, which would mean that you have some party planning ahead of you. To help you, here are five good ideas in making your party a memorable one.

  1. Create a Social Media Hashtag – expect that guests would be taking pictures with their mobile devices and smartphones. You can encourage everyone to share their images on social media with a unique event hashtag. For example, you can make one like #(insertnamehere)gradparty2017. Then have everybody who post their pictures on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook add the unique event hashtag. But before sharing your hashtag, make sure to do a quick search so that no one is using it. If so, you may have to be a little bit creative if your original idea has already been taken.
  2. Decorate Using School Colors – From fresh flowers, hanging garlands, tablecloths, your decorations offer plenty of opportunities to showcase your school’s colors. When it comes to the flowers, you can either pick bouquets that combine with school colors, or choose one arrangement with one shade and one with the other. In addition to themed décor, your food and beverage options can also feature school colors.
  3. Celebrating Accomplishments – While in school, you might have gone over and beyond in order to beat deadlines, important projects, a formidable rival on sports events and the like. From winning sports championships to earning high academic recognition as well as doing well on extracurricular activities. No matter what the compliments you have received, you can all celebrate them in the party. You can set up a trophy table to place all the physical evidence of your achievements. You can also add in some photos of your educational trips or any successful projects and if the party is a few weeks after the commencement ceremony, you can also add in your diploma, photos and your graduation cap!
  4. Looking Ahead – While reminiscing about everything that got you to where you are now is a real fun way to celebrate, though you should also look ahead to the future. Graduation parties are meant to send graduates with gladness, so you better be prepared for the next step. To give you an idea, you can put out pens and stationeries where your guests can write advice or well-wishes. Add in a box or any container in which anyone can drop in their notes. This can be a treasure trove of kind words wherever you will go next.