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Events:Spicing it Up with a Photo Booth-Photo Booth Rental Austin

Events: Spicing it Up with a Photo Booth

The humble photo booth, all the while being synonymous with shopping centers and train stations are steadily becoming a wedding mainstay but with corporate events? It should also be. Let’s face it, people do love taking photos and being at parties allows people to relax and go a little bit beyond. So whether you have decided that a photo booth rental is a must have for your party or would still need a little more persuading, read on!

  1. No better way to break the ice – Sometimes, it does not really matter if your guests know one another and even the best parties take a little more time to warm up. So if you are looking for a fun way for your guests to break the ice, you would not do better than a photo booth rental. Photo booths actually encourages people to interact because, quite simply, nobody wants to be photographed alone at any party. The lure of the booth is quite irresistible. Once guests try it, it is sure that they would want to have their pictures taken with everyone.
  2. The party continues online – if your want your party to be the talk of the town, rent an open air photo booth with social media integration. As long as the venue is wi-fi enabled, which pretty common these days, the photo booth can be programmed to upload all the photos to a social media account. The guests then can share, save and enjoy everyone’s photos and not just their own. Also, there is an added benefit of streaming your event to the internet as it happens, increasing brand visibility and raising your event profile.
  3. Adding props adds more fun – it is funny to think that small things makes the biggest impact. Even if you are not having a theme for the the event, adding a box of props to the photo booth will encourage guests even more to join the fun. Get some wigs and silly glasses out! We guarantee that everyone will be enjoying looking at the photos as much as they will.
  4. Our photo booth attendant adds a touch of class – we would want to keep an eye on things as all the fun is happening in and around the photo booth. Our photo booths come with friendly attendants to help. The presence of a photo booth attendant gives the photo booth an official impression, making the party feel more glamorous as well as exclusive. If you want to maximize the effect, you may also order the red carpet with your photo booth to make your guests extra special for the entire event.

Sot there you go. Some good tips in spicing up your party. Contact us and let us all make it happen!