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Design the Spring Wedding

Spring is just around the corner and this would only mean one thing, the wedding season is near. With the warmer months ahead of us, we put together some ideas for the ideal spring wedding.

Color palette

There are many color options that can be incorporated into the ideal spring wedding. With the season, you can never go wrong with the traditional pastel colors such as mints, yellows and pinks. These colors give the wedding ceremony a classic yet refreshing impression. You can also add deep reds and oranges if you are feeling a bit daring. Other bold colors to add in would be using earthy tones such as browns, ivory and sages.

Wedding food

Planning for a spring wedding can be easy and simple with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. From asparagus to arugula, the pairings are endless too. Better to pick a wide variety of seasonal ingredients for your main course dishes and appetizers. Add in the optional protein like chicken, fish or steak. You can also choose to have fruits for dessert such as strawberries dipped in chocolate or some French apple tarts.


Popular flowers for spring weddings include tulips, daisies, lilies, roses and hyacinths which are more likely to be in full bloom. They also match nicely with each other and creates all those beautiful and colorful arrangements.

Bringing nature in

Try to incorporate different shapes and sizes of centerpieces in the wedding by adding fresh flowers and green plants to supplement your spring wedding. Furnish a small planter with long stemmed spring flowers.

Spring Attire 

It may not be warm enough for a summer wedding but not as cold as the past season so by wearing a lightweight suit along with a noticeable pastel color is the default style for spring weddings. Choose breathable fabrics like cotton and away from polyester and wool.

Booking in advance

Suppliers and vendors are often booked in advance during this busy time for weddings. Be sure to contact your choices early; photo booth services, the band or DJ, catering and the securing the venue and you will save yourself from disappointments and heartaches later. In addition, most suppliers and companies allow you to secure the date and have them hold the appointment with a deposit even if you are still figuring out your colors, theme and other wedding details.