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Events: Spicing it Up with a Photo Booth

The humble photo booth, all the while being synonymous with shopping centers and train stations are steadily becoming a wedding mainstay but with corporate events? It should also be. Let’s face it, people do love taking photos and being at parties allows people to relax and go a little bit beyond. So whether you have […]


Have a Photo Booth to Promote Your Wedding Hashtag

It never has been easier to get the candid photos of your wedding day. With all your friends and family grabbing their smartphones, everybody becomes an instant photographer. It is for this reason that most brides (or wedding couples) create specific hashtags for their wedding pictures. Hashtags are an easy way to sort and find […]


Photo Booth Integration in Event Marketing

Product launches, advertisements and promotions and with all its diversified forms has been deployed in all sorts of different platforms has been done by all brands, even with the brands that are influential in the marketing industry. With the increasing number of competitors in the blindingly fast-paced business world, business executives and mid-level managers are […]


Photo Booth Rentals Austin: Team Building

A team that works well together are more productive and successful. Not mentioning happier and people that are more fun to work with. Team building can be tricky, especially when the typical team building activities tend not to get the attention among team members more than high fives. Whether your services were recruited to put […]


What to Ask When Renting a Photo Booth

It is essential that you ask as much questions as you can when you are to consider working with a photo booth rental company. To help you find a good photo booth rental company, here are some top questions that you should ask when considering which one to hire. Would they offer props? If a […]


Photo Booth Rentals: Planning your Prom

Prom. The big event is only a few months away. You and the other students might have the venue booked, getting the details right, and the theme implemented. When considering for the entertainment, make sure that you look into renting a photo booth. Choosing for a Venue  Some prom committees and schools propose and hold […]