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Experiential Marketing Creating a Branded Experience Using a Photo Booth-Photo Booth Rentals Austin

Experiential Marketing: Creating a Branded Experience Using a Photo Booth

When it comes to experiential events, having an immersive and enjoyable branded experience is on top agenda for every event organizer. It is true that there are many ways to incorporate your brand into the overall experience, a photo booth is another great option in building brand awareness and recognition. One of the many advantages of the modern photo booth is that it is it can be virtually customized in every aspect of it to reflect your brand.

Show your logo on every photo

A picture really speaks a thousand words and having your logo on it can say even more. Ask for custom graphics such as digital border overlays or green screen backgrounds that can be used as digital step-and-repeats to brandish your logo or any sponsor’s logo. As the photos are shared to the event guest’s social media accounts, awareness of your brand will also spread easily and organically.

Wrapping up the kiosk

Experiential events are not to standard without a well-thought design. It is common knowledge that photo booths can become an awkward piece if it does not go with your theme. Customize the wrap so that it would match the overall theme and colors. Not only that, the kiosk can also become a prime ad space for sponsors or other stakeholders who would see value from having their logos displayed.

Using your own word

When considering an open air photo booth for a truly branded experience, make sure that you can customize even to the smallest details. If the photo booth rental company has a social share site, ask if they can accommodate tweaks for the copy and the graphics too.

Broadcasting your branded experience

Use a customizable social media wall that integrates with one is another great way to immerse attendees into a branded experience. This way, attendees are surrounded by a cohesive look, even while their photos and tweets are being broadcast on the the big screen via your event hashtag.

Even though photo booths play a part of the overall experience, it is a quick and easy tool to leverage for any experiential marketing campaigns. Whether it is for brand activation or a store opening, our photo booth is just perfect. Learn how we can help you with your experiential marketing campaign, contact us now!

Branding Campaigns How Branded Photo Booths Helps with Your Campaign-Photo Booth Rentals Austin

Branding Campaigns: How Branded Photo Booths Helps with Your Campaign

If you are holding an event to push for brand awareness, reach out to new customers and collect important data, then the photo booth is the perfect tool for you to do all your requirements. Not only does a photo booth offer a low-cost, yet effective solution to marketing and promoting your brand, it also offers a value added solution for social media channels and audience reach for your company. Here is how.

Social Media Mileage

On corporate events, not only do guests have fun in your branded photo booth, they also have the extended fun of sharing their photos with your brand online after your event. This will take your viral to friends of friends on Facebook via Twitter and all of the other popular social media channels. Because all the photos are uploaded, it is a great marketing tool to get more likes to your Facebook page, increasing your brand awareness.

Creating Lasting Impressions

Your guests’ perception of your brand can help make the brand and the business’ bottom line. It is then important to give them a strong brand association. By having a branded photo booth, this enables your guests to have a positive perception and also have them take away these impressions in the form of their photo booth shots. After the event, you are guaranteed that these photo prints are seen by co-workers, family and friends, making your brand awareness reach go further after the event.

Increase Engagement

Engagement with customers plays an important role in the event and a photo booth gives the perfect platform to do so. Not only does the photo booth act as an attraction and a good conversation starter, it also creates a buzz around your brand. Better engagement would mean that you can talk to these customers about your offerings and create a better dialogue. Customer will feel that your brand is approachable and light-hearted which helps in data collection for ongoing engagement and interaction.

Getting Noticed

A photo booth is actually a big piece of advertising real estate that will stand out and get noticed. In effect, it is advertising your brand loud and clear with a great impact. It will also help attract interest wherever it is utilized.  For example, in shopping malls and on streets, our branded photo booths are used to great effect by incentivizing and diverting shoppers to shop in-store and increase store foot traffic.

Events:Spicing it Up with a Photo Booth-Photo Booth Rental Austin

Events: Spicing it Up with a Photo Booth

The humble photo booth, all the while being synonymous with shopping centers and train stations are steadily becoming a wedding mainstay but with corporate events? It should also be. Let’s face it, people do love taking photos and being at parties allows people to relax and go a little bit beyond. So whether you have decided that a photo booth rental is a must have for your party or would still need a little more persuading, read on!

  1. No better way to break the ice – Sometimes, it does not really matter if your guests know one another and even the best parties take a little more time to warm up. So if you are looking for a fun way for your guests to break the ice, you would not do better than a photo booth rental. Photo booths actually encourages people to interact because, quite simply, nobody wants to be photographed alone at any party. The lure of the booth is quite irresistible. Once guests try it, it is sure that they would want to have their pictures taken with everyone.
  2. The party continues online – if your want your party to be the talk of the town, rent an open air photo booth with social media integration. As long as the venue is wi-fi enabled, which pretty common these days, the photo booth can be programmed to upload all the photos to a social media account. The guests then can share, save and enjoy everyone’s photos and not just their own. Also, there is an added benefit of streaming your event to the internet as it happens, increasing brand visibility and raising your event profile.
  3. Adding props adds more fun – it is funny to think that small things makes the biggest impact. Even if you are not having a theme for the the event, adding a box of props to the photo booth will encourage guests even more to join the fun. Get some wigs and silly glasses out! We guarantee that everyone will be enjoying looking at the photos as much as they will.
  4. Our photo booth attendant adds a touch of class – we would want to keep an eye on things as all the fun is happening in and around the photo booth. Our photo booths come with friendly attendants to help. The presence of a photo booth attendant gives the photo booth an official impression, making the party feel more glamorous as well as exclusive. If you want to maximize the effect, you may also order the red carpet with your photo booth to make your guests extra special for the entire event.

Sot there you go. Some good tips in spicing up your party. Contact us and let us all make it happen!

Photo Booth Rentals Austin - On Securing Corporate Sponsors

Photo Booth Rentals: On Securing Corporate Sponsors

You may have had the that experience of planning a gala or a fundraising event. You would know that costs can quickly add up. Not to mention food and drinks, you as a host might be pressured to add additional possibilities for entertainment and activities to set your event from the others.

But what would you do if your budget is spread thin and be thinking of ‘scarificing’ a photo booth for your event?

Get a corporate sponsor.

Rather than thinking that a photo booth is only for entertainment for your charity event, the photo booth can also serve as a medium for branding, promotion and marketing for your corporate sponsor.

Here are some ways your corporate sponsor can market themselves with a photo booth at your charity event.

  1. All guests will go home with a photo print with your corporate sponsor’s logo on it. Usually, flyers, business cards and event programs do end up in the trash bin almost immediately after any event. Compared with the lifespan of a photo booth print, the photo prints last significantly longer because it becomes a personal item to the owner. Come to think of it, guests are not going to come home and stick the event’s program up the fridge. But they are more likely to stick the photo prints which just happens to have be branded with your corporate sponsor’s logo.
  2. All Photos that are shared on social networks can include your corporate sponsor’s logo, @handle and #hastags. Once the sponsor confirms, you can use a photo booth’s powerful social media sharing capability to attach any social media handles, or any relevant hashtags to uploads. If social media growth and reach is a priority for your corporate sponsor, this is a great way to help them reach that marketing goal.
  3. Every photo will have your corporate sponsor’s logo in the backdrop. The step and repeat backdrop approach is one of the easiest ways to get your corporate sponsor excited in contributing to your charity event’s photo booth rental. They just need to send in their logo and that is just about it. They are now inseparable from the hundreds or even thousands of photos that is generated by the photo booth. Again, these photos are used almost on all social media channels and this could mean extra mileage to your corporate sponsor’s online visibility.
wedding hashtag - photo booth rental austin

Have a Photo Booth to Promote Your Wedding Hashtag

It never has been easier to get the candid photos of your wedding day. With all your friends and family grabbing their smartphones, everybody becomes an instant photographer. It is for this reason that most brides (or wedding couples) create specific hashtags for their wedding pictures. Hashtags are an easy way to sort and find pictures your big day as taken by your guests, friends and family. XXX allows you to customize your prints and digital photos with your own custom hashtags, making online sharing easier.

Make a Customized Wedding Hashtag

Make it easy for your friends, family and guests to take pictures and share photos of your wedding. By using a hashtag, it is easier to spot your images on social media like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and capture the amazing journey that leads to your big day.

Your wedding hashtag does not need to be complicated or overly funny but instead, can be simple. To start, you can try #YOURNAMEWedding and avoid punctuations and special characters. Start tagging relevant images on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using your wedding hashtag and encourage friends and family to do the same.

Use Your Custom Hashtag with your Photo Booth Rental

Renting a photo booth for your wedding allows your guests to get into action and create instant memories and unforgettable visuals to share. It is a given that your tech savvy family and friends do know how to navigate around social media but your grandma does not. A photo booth rental allows for everyone to share their own photos taken on the photo booth, regardless of their knowledge of social media knowledge.

Photo Booth Rentals Austin can help your wedding day not only a day to remember forever but also an experience you can always revisit time and again. From digital to printed photos, complete with your wedding hashtag, it has not been easier to capture memories from your big day. We will fully customize your photo print outs to include graphics and your chosen hashtag you would want for your photos. To learn more about Photo Booth Rentals Austin or simply to get the latest news, tips and trends, visit our blog and we would be looking forward to be a part of your special big day!

event marketing - photo booth rental austin

Photo Booth Integration in Event Marketing

Product launches, advertisements and promotions and with all its diversified forms has been deployed in all sorts of different platforms has been done by all brands, even with the brands that are influential in the marketing industry. With the increasing number of competitors in the blindingly fast-paced business world, business executives and mid-level managers are always brainstorming and in a continuous search for the best marketing strategy in establishing brand awareness and online presence. Developing a powerful brand credibility and reputation is deemed very important when you would want your business to be viable and not be overtaken by competitors. This is the spot where marketing and advertising comes in. Customers or clients will not have a way to know about the brand and what products and services your company provides if you would not take a leap of faith in to the multifaceted world or advertising.

  1. Digital Marketing – This is one of the mostly deployed marketing strategies that have created a mark in the marketing world and in bringing an overwhelming success to all businesses and their brands. The methods include Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Content Marketing and many more. With this marketing tactic, reaching the target audience and connecting with them is a lot easier. Digital marketing brings a whole new dimension in reaching out to a target audience using the Internet as its playground for marketing.
  2. Hosting events – This is yet another fantastic strategy if you would want to convey a direct message to all potential customers or clients. Brand owners can host either a local, regional or national event to launch and promote their products or services. One way to boost event attendance is to conduct demos and give away freebies that will attract great numbers. The game here is that the more attendees there are, the more possibilities of leveraging brand awareness there is.
  3. Television ads – The options you can take are either to create your own TV ad or to have it done by professionals. The most important thing here is that you make the ads engaging and highly entertaining and the best strategy is to have it aired on times that target audiences are watching the TV.
  4. Print Ads – There are still some locations where the internet connection would still need a lot of work to reach more people and people would likely to turn to magazines and new papers as a source of information as well as what is trending or popular.

These are some of the common tactics. However, one of the most successful as well as being successful and on of the growing trends is the events. Though we have to be open to the fact that not all events are highly successful. Sometimes, it would be necessary to integrate on some other creative marketing ideas and photo booths are perfect for such events.

team building - photo booth rentals austin

Photo Booth Rentals Austin: Team Building

A team that works well together are more productive and successful. Not mentioning happier and people that are more fun to work with. Team building can be tricky, especially when the typical team building activities tend not to get the attention among team members more than high fives. Whether your services were recruited to put together some team building initiatives or you would think that the team just need to get together and something fun and out of the ordinary, workplace team building is the way to go. 

One of the good reasons why team building work is because the activities usually takes outside of the of the office. Getting away from a place where there is hostility and conflict can make a very big difference. Remember, a company is only as great as the people behind it and it is important for people to be happy and connected while working together as a team. Here are some team building ideas that everyone will actually enjoy.

Hosting a Party

The holidays are not the only time to host a fun get together with colleagues, add a surprise by throwing a mid-season party and give everyone an opportunity to relax and bond. Add some interactivity by adding some fund games or some competition like cocktail making to make sure that everyone is encouraged to participate with the event. Also, rent a photo booth to capture the memories and post the photos in your office walls to serve as a constant reminder of the corporate culture that drives your business enterprise.

Paying it Forward

Pick a day when everyone can take a step away from the daily grind and give back to the community as a team. Choose a charity that will benefit from a day of hands-on help and the team working together to make a difference. Helping others is certainly a great way to bond and connect on a personal level as well as adding a feel good element to the team building while supporting an important cause.

Trying Something New 

Go for something that some or no one had experienced such as rock climbing, zip line, bungee jumping and the lot! Bottom line is that, trying a new adventure together is a fun way to connect and bond and getting the team members step away from their comfort zone in a totally fun environment while bolstering relationships in and out of the office.

questions to ask - photo booth rentals austin

What to Ask When Renting a Photo Booth

It is essential that you ask as much questions as you can when you are to consider working with a photo booth rental company. To help you find a good photo booth rental company, here are some top questions that you should ask when considering which one to hire.

Would they offer props?

If a photo booth rental company says that they do not offer props, it might be a red flag. Some rental companies will not as they only cater or mostly work only with corporate event so it is not really needed. But if your event is social, such as a wedding, graduation party or a school event, it is more likely that you would need to incorporate props into your chosen package.

Will the backdrop be a plain background? 

This is an important question to ask too because the background adds colors to your photos and of course, you would not want your guests to be blending in the background. Check with the vendor on the options you may have as the backdrop will be in every photo. Ask us about our custom backdrops which would give you endless creativity with your backdrops.

Do they have references?

You want to make sure that if you are spending hard earned money for your event, you are only renting from an experienced, quality photo booth rental company. You would also need to make sure that the majority of reviews have high praises for the company and are truly satisfied with their services. For online reviews, every company is going to have a negative review, but if those overcome the positive ones, then it is better to move along to the next.

Does it come with an attendant?

Some people who acquire the service of the corporate photo booth rental quickly assume that the photo booth package comes with an attendant. The others, would be thinking that since the booth will operate on its own, it will not require an attendant. These are wrong assumptions. You should always make sure that an attendant is always present to help and facilitate your photo booth rental. By having an attendant, you are making sure that the photo booth experience will go off without any worries.

Do they offer customizable photos? 

The photo booth is part of the attraction and entertainment. To make it even more special for your event, you should ask the photo booth rental company if they can personalize or design the photos to the theme of your event. You certainly have spent time and effort towards the theme of your event so it is just right to make the photo booth and photos tie in perfectly.

graduation party - photo booth rental austin

Good Ideas for Hosting a Graduation Party

You had put a lot of effort and hard work for the past few years, and it is finally time to celebrate. Graduation season is here, which would mean that you have some party planning ahead of you. To help you, here are five good ideas in making your party a memorable one.

  1. Create a Social Media Hashtag – expect that guests would be taking pictures with their mobile devices and smartphones. You can encourage everyone to share their images on social media with a unique event hashtag. For example, you can make one like #(insertnamehere)gradparty2017. Then have everybody who post their pictures on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook add the unique event hashtag. But before sharing your hashtag, make sure to do a quick search so that no one is using it. If so, you may have to be a little bit creative if your original idea has already been taken.
  2. Decorate Using School Colors – From fresh flowers, hanging garlands, tablecloths, your decorations offer plenty of opportunities to showcase your school’s colors. When it comes to the flowers, you can either pick bouquets that combine with school colors, or choose one arrangement with one shade and one with the other. In addition to themed décor, your food and beverage options can also feature school colors.
  3. Celebrating Accomplishments – While in school, you might have gone over and beyond in order to beat deadlines, important projects, a formidable rival on sports events and the like. From winning sports championships to earning high academic recognition as well as doing well on extracurricular activities. No matter what the compliments you have received, you can all celebrate them in the party. You can set up a trophy table to place all the physical evidence of your achievements. You can also add in some photos of your educational trips or any successful projects and if the party is a few weeks after the commencement ceremony, you can also add in your diploma, photos and your graduation cap!
  4. Looking Ahead – While reminiscing about everything that got you to where you are now is a real fun way to celebrate, though you should also look ahead to the future. Graduation parties are meant to send graduates with gladness, so you better be prepared for the next step. To give you an idea, you can put out pens and stationeries where your guests can write advice or well-wishes. Add in a box or any container in which anyone can drop in their notes. This can be a treasure trove of kind words wherever you will go next.
Photo Booth Rentals- Planning your Prom - photo booth rental austin

Photo Booth Rentals: Planning your Prom

Prom. The big event is only a few months away. You and the other students might have the venue booked, getting the details right, and the theme implemented. When considering for the entertainment, make sure that you look into renting a photo booth.

Choosing for a Venue 

Some prom committees and schools propose and hold their proms in their own gymnasium or auditorium while others take the event to an off-campus location. To help, have the prom committee check on ballrooms, convention centers, riverboats, hotels and some large fancy restaurants. Also, it helps to think big and outside the box, let your creativity inspire you.

A DJ, Band or Both? 

Deciding on the music is an important part of prom planning as music set the mood for the entire evening. In deciding for a DJ, ask for references and a client list. When interviewing for bands, ask them which bands or their genre which they ‘specialize’ in. It is also good to check the band on where they regularly play and to see them in action as well as check how they sound live. Take note, music is vital that it can either inspire people to dance or sit on the sidelines.

Booking a Photo Booth for your Prom 

In addition to all the fun, memories and excitement a photo booth is guaranteed to generate, there are so many reasons as to why you need to rent a photo booth for your prom. Photo booths help people to mingle, mix, and meet others. It is amazing to see people who are a bit shy acting silly in front of the camera. Also, people love to take home souvenirs of themselves. Photo booth photos are an amazing prom party favor. In the future, you can see these pictures on your classmate’s fridge or in their office and they usually often remain there for the years to come.

Planning for the Menu

Prom attendants would like to get their money’s worth whether the event’s meal is a sit-down dinner, hors d’oeuvres, or a buffet. As a tip, go for a menu that offers familiarity with as much variety as the food budget would allow. Good choices are steaks, chicken and pasta for the classics and ice cream sundae or cupcakes for dessert. If you are unsure that your menu can be a bit limited, ask the members of the committee. If there is something on the menu for everyone’s taste buds, there is a big chance that there will be something interesting for all the people who will attend the event.