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Exactly Why You Really Should Pay for a Lot More for a Wedding Photo Booth-Photo Booth Rentals Austin

Exactly Why You Really Should Pay for a Lot More for a Wedding Photo Booth

Getting hitched is undoubtedly the single most important celebration in anybody’s lifetime and also making certain that their special day goes well is literally of greatest importance. Having said that talk to any recent or ex- bride or groom and these guys will definitely all say to you that immediately after they spoke about the word “Wedding” to a supplier they had the impression the supplier pictured dollar signs roll across their eyes and heard the “cha ching” of the cashbox.

It really is straightforward enough then that this specific perceived price tag gouging has certainly established a bit of resentment in the mind of the general public. For the majority of wedding suppliers, including photo booth operators, there are frankly some very reliable reasons why they do ask for relatively more and why you should actually be glad!

Supposing that you understand anything with regards to business enterprise, you will probably realize that all organizations need to generate a lot more product sales compared to their expenses to make a profit. Supposing that they do that well enough and come with funds made over to reinvest in making their operations far better and continue to flourish that generally makes them a profitable business.

Numerous successful expert wedding suppliers deal with a business model of just what is referred to as: “less equals more”. Fewer clienteles spending much more gives them additional time to take care of each client in a manner befitting the fact that those clients by the very nature of their function require more work, organizing and customer service than typical clients. Successful lesser priced providers work on the opposite business model of “more equals less”. Much more clients shelling out much less implies much more clients they need to have but a lot less time they provide for each of them.

Let’s break it all down for you so you can see just exactly with regards to just how much added work is entailed for a wedding photo booth rental:


Pre Reservation

Well before anyone engages a photo booth rental they are more than likely to inquire a whole lot more questions as well as want to know a lot more about them via phone calls, emails and face to face meetings. A lot of photo booth rental businesses will likely display at Wedding exhibitions and venue open days to show off their products or services direct to everybody. This uses up more of their time and money which pushes up their businesses break even point. In other words, they will want to bring in a lot more revenue to cover expenses to draw in possible clients.


Pre Rental

In the middle of the planning activity wedding planners or perhaps any individual who is tasked to organize, need special attention as they typically are very specific about the things they like and/or they need good guidance through the whole process. They are often rather swamped preparing all the elements to the wedding event and the photo booth is quite often lowest on the list. This means that photo booth operators consume a lot of precious time chasing after points of contact for booking confirmations, answering their concerns, completing booking details, making visuals or chasing payments etc. Combine everything with the truth that brides are recognized to switch their thoughts and operators will need to be across it so as to keep pace but again this takes up valuable time and time is money.


The Rental

Compared to other rentals on the day (and typically for the week or so leading up to the wedding day) the bride-to-be is actually not available to get in touch with and that means everything should be 100% sorted and prepared properly in advance. From communicating with the venue and all the behind the scenes plan of action to putting together logo graphics on the photo booth everything needs to be ready to go on the moment. Presented there is very little room for mistakes, wedding photo booth operators will often also make certain they have spare peripherals (eg laser printers, monitors) and more than required amounts of media or peripheral items just in case of unexpected problems and/or have additional personnel on standby. All this further prep work and redundancies could really eat right into revenues.


Post Rental, Following the Wedding

Prompt preparation of CDs, USBs, online galleries and many other items comes about shortly after the wedding together with follow ups in order to guarantee clients more than happy with just how everything proceeded. Should there have been a complication whether the fault of a photo booth operator or not, professional photo booths will definitely do whatever it requires to keep their clients happy including complete or partial refunds and/or potential future service discounts.

Branding Opportunities That You Are Actually Not Maximizing at Your Events-Photo Booth Rentals Austin

Branding Opportunities That You Are Actually Not Maximizing at Your Events

As mentioned by marketing teacher, Neil Patel, 72% of marketing professionals assume branded material is a lot more reliable than promoting in a magazine; 69% claim it’s better to direct-mail advertising and Public Relations.” With that being mentioned, one particular essential aspect of digital marketing and branding is to discover all the opportunities, or real estate, readily available for you to improve and scale your brand.

For instance, when producing visuals or even digital initiatives, the computer or laptop display, e-mail headline, social media network or mobile phone presents pre-formatted image measurements and also dimensions to work with. They offer you a pre-sized area to fill out with your branding, message, and images just about any way you please.

When you are organizing a gathering, it’s necessary to make certain you are really making use of each and every approach possible in order to grow your brand and take full advantage of return on investment (ROI). You could have a pre-designated area offered, however that should not be all you think about in terms of real estate.

And now more than ever, it is necessary to discover and maximize each one of your branding possibilities for event marketing. You could think about including your logo to name tags, having a branded streamer here or there, or imprinting your logo on napkins or drinkware– however what transpires with your branding right after the big event? Is it achievable to broaden your branding into real estate past your event? The response is a resounding “yes!”.

With today’s society, we are inclined to share and upload pictures whenever we’re having a good time, that’s the general explanation social media was created. #FoMO or the Fear of Missing Out is indeed a real and motivating force. Put simply: a lot of people never forget experiences when they are having shared, collective fun while enjoying a party or event.

You might be pondering, “Well, folks can certainly take pictures at our gathering and share it on their social media networks or with coworkers.” And that’s most likely a safe assumption.

Still, can you extend your marketing and branding well beyond an event, merely by organizing a photo booth? Why not take advantage of the real estate of their pictures? Besides, depending on your guests’ selfies probably isn’t really within your brand name’s best benefit. Here are a few reasons:


We have probably all judged someone’s selfie that did not appear so awesome.

Some people retake photos for what seems like several hours right before they eventually have one semi-decent photo. And even celebrities like Nick Viall admit their selfie game just isn’t as compelling as it appears. In the case that you depend on your visitors’ selfies, you’re not really ensuring a high-quality, unforgettable, and thrilling photo experience.


You are taking on the risk of forfeiting branding possibilities on social media.

Social platforms enable you three possibilities to add branding (as well as earn value from) a post.

They would include things like:

- the venue of your occasion or company under the poster’s social media handle

- your event’s or business’ hashtag on the side of or under the photo

- your business’s social media handle somewhere in the post text


Therefore, with a little possibility of your visitors taking relevant selfies, incorporating the location, keeping in mind your social media handle, and including an applicable hashtag, it’s not actually worth banking on guests to truly do much for you in the marketing and branding department. Anyway, you want them to be enjoying your event and having unforgettable fun– not spending more time on their phones.


How you could maximize marketing and branding real estate with a photo booth at your event

A photo booth delivers entertainment for your visitors. It offers your guests a little something to do between all of the various other activities at your event. It likewise really helps start the ball rolling and relax everybody up.

It is customizable. You have the capability to make sure your branding and messaging is presented specifically the best way you would like it to be, while also featuring uniformity across every single picture.

Your visitors receive a party gift. Who doesn’t appreciate party favors? Permit your guests to take away their momentous moment.


To conclude

For you next event, make sure that you are maximizing all of the branding real estate at your disposal. Providing your invitees with a cool activity, as well as a take-home party favor, is a win-win for both your branding and your visitors.

If you are all set to deliver memorable fun and increase your marketing and branding real estate at your next event, contact us, we ‘d love to help!

Too Good to Be True Photo Booth Prices-Photo Booth Rentals Austin

Too Good to Be True Photo Booth Prices

You have probably observed that there are a bunch of options when it comes to choosing a photo booth company for your wedding or event. Yet just like with haircuts and hotel rooms, generally the most inexpensive option isn’t the best one. “You get what you pay” for is a famous expression, and this even more so relates when renting a photo booth company.


Cheap Photo Booths Are Cheap for a Reason

A lot of cheap photo booth companies are cheap just because these guys are simply just starting out, and this is just a little something these guys carry out to earn additional money on the weekends. Due to the fact that these particular companies are actually brand new as well as rather not known, the fastest means to make sales is to become the least pricey. Being not experienced suggests these guys are most likely to encounter issues. Photo booths are very complex and generally there are a million small details which can fail.

Companies that accomplish a fantastic job are simply in demand, they really don’t have to present bargains or emulate budget priced competitors. Certainly there’s a good reason which the other guys are less expensive, and you do not would like to learn the tough way by having them botch your event or wedding.


Badly Built Booths and Poor Quality Photo Prints

Indeed, anyone can surely contract a supplier for $300 – $400 to deliver a photo booth to your wedding reception. However, here’s just what anyone may commonly have by using these particular “budget” booths: A photo “booth” built from white PVC pipe (or perhaps just one of those Easy-Up tents your father makes use at family barbeques) along with a poor quality (and also not to mention, slow) inkjet printer, and a withdrawn staff member relaxing at a basic plastic table with a notebook computer checking out their Facebook newsfeed. This is not a fabricated scenario; this is coming from a real local photo booth company that our team have certainly witnessed at wedding receptions using this arrangement.


Inefficient Photo Booths

Professional-grade photo printers do not come cheap. The majority of these types of budget photo booth services will definitely use less costly and slow color printers. You see that inkjet printer which you make use of to print homework assignments in your home? That’s most likely the very same version which the budget companies are generally making use of in their photo booth. Not just is the quality substandard, but the prints will be damp and quite easily blotched.

Supposing that these particular photo booth companies are really making use of an inkjet printer, they will most likely also must physically cut the paper to be the specifications of a photo strip (considering that a pretty good printer will print and cut at the same period of time). If these guys have not cut the strips in advance, this suggests that they are going to will have to trim every single photo strip as they print. This can lead to each photo session taking a lot longer, which guarantees that lesser people will have the opportunity to use the booth. If you only get half as many individuals using your booth for the reason that it is ineffective, are you actually saving money by opting for the cheaper photo booth company?


They Are Not Really Expensive

Most of the time, the “budget” rate wouldn’t cover a number of the important elements that married couples prefer, such as props, a guest book, or maybe printed pictures (at times the inexpensive fee basically provides digital copies). These particular service providers generally demand more for these “complements”. By the time that they “nickel-and-dime” you with upgrades, the budget booth isn’t really much of a deal.



Photo Booth Rental Austin-What Style Should I Rent?

Photo Booth Rental Austin: What Style Should I Rent?

A photo booth is an excellent addition for a wedding celebration, birthday party, corporate or black tie event.

It is a truly nice memento to have people recollect the gathering by, as well as could actually deliver that particular hype that you happen to be aiming for if you wish an event a lot of people will be talking about for weeks and several months afterwards.

The Photo Booth market has developed significantly within a relatively quick time– coming from the common enclosed pop up “pseudo photo booth” along with a basic structure and curtain wrap, to the absolute most complex of clever styles which now extend to futuristic designs or even entire vehicles to house the booth in.

The photo booth truly has come a very long way from the regular passport form photo stations of the old times.


The Traditional Photo Booth

The very first type of photo booth is the old-fashioned type. This is probably the most typical photo booth offered on the market and it is something that is certainly fairly comparable to what the earlier automatic photo booth machines looked like. You recognize the type– the booth’s just where you used in order to get your passport photos printed.

They are generally more like installed photo booths that are typically fully automated. They do not usually much help from an attendant because these sort of booths typically are kitted out along with straightforward push button software that permits the person to control all of the photo taking process.

This is a kind of photo booth that can be self sufficient with little outside help needed to run and would certainly be great for events especially weddings, birthdays or school events.

The disadvantage to this particular variety of photo booth though is that they have certainly become remarkably familiar to most people, thus may not produce the degree of enthusiasm to your event guests that you would like.


The Open Air Photo Booth

The second type of photo booth is the open air type. This particular sort of setup is considerably distinct from the conventional setup as it is not really a booth (in a way) considering that booths are supposed to be usually enclosed and open air ones are just kind of “out there”. Theoretically speaking, the configuration is more or less the same, nonetheless.

You still have the camera, the lights, and the printer, and even the automatic shutter remote control and all that is really missing from the equation will be the walls that enclose the booth. The drawback to this however is the fact that it might be a little bit uncomfortable to carry out the really outrageous poses when there are a bunch of individuals going by, loafing being onlookers, or simply queuing up to waiting on their turn to get their pictures taken in the photo booth.

Photo booth pictures are infamous for individuals pulling off outrageous and inconvenient poses in and so this may be a bit of a put off for individuals who are definitely not too fond being seen carrying out wild stuff. This kind of booth typically comes along with a guide to man the technicalities of the thing. He is usually there to deal with any sort of small troubles, adjust the lights, refill the ink of the laser printer, as well as basically clarify to people how the photo booth works and also how it should be utilized. This specific type of photo booth is great for really huge events for example, company product launches because there is no limit to the number of individuals that can fit into the picture.

As long as they fit in the framing of the background, it should be really good to go. The open air photo booth arrangement commonly offers a lot more space and also flexibility to move around and aside from the onlookers; it can be a really great alternative to go along with.


The Caravan Photo Booth

There is also the caravan photo booth. It is not precisely as odd as it sounds. It is just essentially just the same as with every other typical photo booth only which it comes in with a variation– the setup is in a vintage caravan.

It can be actually relatively great for gatherings with themes. Undoubtedly at most places it is usually located outdoors. It will usually come with a backdrop, a bench, and a number of props on one side of the van and the opposite side is put together with the touch screen menu for picture taking, the cam, the lighting, the laser printer, and so on and so forth.

This is a little something that adds on quality in terms of marketing and branding and that it appears really captivating and interesting. The draw back to this though is that this requires an awful lot of spot so you kind of want a huge venue for this. It can also be fairly expensive but if you are planning to blow away and surpass something, this might be the right photo booth for your occasion.

Honest Pricing for Photo Booth Rentals-Photo Booth Rentals Austin

Honest Pricing for Photo Booth Rentals

Whether you’re currently in the market for a photo booth rental company or will certainly be in the future, you will quickly discover there can be many usually difficult factors to think about. Nevertheless, every person’s objective is merely to find the very best feasible service at the absolute best possible cost. We have in fact found you can simplify this goal by assessing all photo booth companies by 3 classifications; quality, features, and pricing. This method of comparison should enhance your opportunities of finding a photo booth company that will certainly treat you fairly which will contribute to the likelihood of a general effective photo booth experience for you and your visitors.

The initial detail will generally be quality, which is beyond the price of their equipment. We are talking about on trying to predict their business ethics. Would they treat you with respect and fairness or perhaps do they view making and saving money as their only motivation for your interaction. Just like anywhere in life ethical people typically do the right thing in all areas of their lives and not just pick and choose. Thus knowing a company’s ethical quality remarkably involves minimal effort and only requires asking a pair of questions. Simply inquire before anything else (even though you already know the response) if they will quickly clarify the business tax laws in their local area (percentages, how often paid, etc) and next can they provide proof of liability insurance? In the event that they can’t answer either of these inquiries we suggest moving on to a different company. First, if a company is staying away from their civic accountabilities as businessmen, this suggests a shortfall of respect to both state and city governments. Second if they do not address liability insurance coverage this shows a lack of regard concerning their particular business enterprise. But, whenever you choose a company that can provide helpful information to both questions this present me not only their recognition for their industry and their business but show me they would probably extend the same respect to their clients too.

The second factor is the photo booth features. Keep in mind, not all photo booth packages are the similar so do not decide by price alone. Once you have chosen two out of three companies that pass the initial “ethics” evaluation, try to secure written price quote from these photo booth companies. For example, we see these Groupon offers for a two-hour photo booth package deal for, let’s say, $199. Supposing that you know exactly how Groupon operates the company only gets 50% of that sale. The fact is the expenses of a competent photo booth business can not be met by making $99 for a 2-hour event presents a rather undesirable impression about this company. To begin with this company is not taking the industry, their business, or their clients genuinely. Second, if they are able to operate on these prices then who has knowledge of what other corners they are cutting that you as a clientele have no idea about. Last, please do not ask about a distinguished photo booth company that passes the first quality “ethics” test, to match this price tag considering that neither the quality or the attributes will be comparable.

Once you have verified all your quotes are from your choice of companies and also you have recognized the distinctions and similarities in their packages, features and add-ons, only now should you start to evaluate their costs. You may acknowledge one quotation offers more features and at the best price which naturally makes your selection uncomplicated. However, you also may find one company comes with a reduced price but also less features presented. This is really just where you should evaluate how essential the missing services are you to? For example, how important is social media to you? Maybe your event is for nursing home who reasonably will not value this particular aspect. With this information, you should be ready to make an informed conclusion.

To conclude, now that you have chosen a reputable photo booth company who you feel positive will treat you right, kindly offer them the same recognition and not even ask to “price match” or much worse to merely “lower their rate.” Photo booth companies have trained themselves on their business far beyond pulling a number out of the air or going to an event, collecting a check, and watching earnings grow. Certainly there is a lot more behind the situations in order to set the prices for a socially responsible enterprise. These photo booth companies actually carried out their home work to figure out just how much it takes to keep the business holding up and make a respectable income. That respectable return is just what they are worthy of for showing you not only the features you are entitled to but also the “superior” peace of mind right before the gathering that is just what you’re getting when you’ve basically got one try in order to get your event right!

How to Measure Success Experiential Marketing-Photo Booth Rentals Austin

How to Measure Success: Experiential Marketing

Considering that interactive technology continues to evolve and provide companies to create customized experiences intended for consumers, there is a transparent pattern revealing that experiential marketing is the future of organic marketing. By description, experiential marketing is developing an event style, participation driven marketing experience that allows consumers to physically or digitally interact with your product, and develop an emotional connection.

While experiential advertising and marketing is by no means a new term, the capacity to gauge its success and implementation has definitely been amplified by social networks and modern technology.

Your Presence on Social Media

Just about every very good experiential marketing campaign is works along with a great social media strategy. Social media is the proper approach in order to evaluate your audience’s feedback and spread attention. Your social media presence is at the same time a necessary tool to maintain and optimize prior to, throughout and shortly after your activity. Just one of the easiest and most effective means of assessing your campaign’s social media effectiveness and virality is with the help of an official hashtag. Generate a game plan so as to segment the people who are actually engaging with your hashtag, measure their feelings, figure out the best periods that it is being put to use, and use their responses to delight the same target market moving forward.

Knowing Your Potential Leads

Once you have defined the KPIs of your campaign’s success, it is important to additionally measure new brand awareness and anyone interested in finding out more or interacting with your product later on. You have made the initial conversation with your crowd, at this time you need to continue the conversation in order to turn them into buyers. Figuring out those who possess positive responses to your experiential project can assist you in getting the next step.

A smart idea, put smart tables around your event will enable attendees to both get additional information and facts about your services or products and complete questionnaires discovering exactly how they think about your event, products or services, and subscribe for even more info.

Establish KPIs to Track

The first element to the order of business before picking the things your experiential marketing campaign can be is to spell out what your KPIs – key performance indicators are. Establishing points that can be tracked and data-driven targets will help you to know which variables you may want to measure. A few good examples of event marketing KPIs are

1. Engagement – Keeping track of not primarily the amount of audience members who engaged with your campaign, but segmenting exactly who they are, will really help you to distinguish if you reach the correct market. For example, if you are introducing a new men’s shaver in a store activation but the majority of customers that engaged with your promotion were generally teenage girls, your campaign probably was really not properly carried out.

The simplest strategy to pinpoint who have actually engaged with your brand, is to incorporate interactive systems such as digital kiosks or open air photo booths that let customers to accomplish a quick survey for a possibility to take the prize. This can generate an incentive for them to complete information about themselves. Segmenting who they are and figuring out who your audience and leads are.

2. Impressions – Determining the number of people who your campaign connected with can easily really help track down how viral your campaign both online and offline. You can quantify experiential marketing responses by monitoring the number and quality of your PR coverage, social network reach, and the quantity of event guests.

Noticeable Increase in Sales

Needless to say, the simplest manner to quantify experiential marketing ROI is through sales made. While it may be difficult to identify if a sale was a direct outcome of your experiential campaign, you can be able to discover sales patterns as an instant result. Some buying trends to measure are spikes throughout your campaign run, and keeping track of sales that are happening within or in nearest area to the event.

Should you be self-assured in the success of your activity, think about offering ticket sale before the activity date. Build a mobile app exclusively for your activity, helping guests to interact with you by means of social networking sites, view the guest list, book seats and pay for their ticket. This can likewise help make keeping track of sales relatively easy, as well as guard against any sort of probable no-show guests.



Why Groupon and Photo Booths Don’t Work-Photo Booth Rentals Austin

Why Groupon and Photo Booths Don’t Work

There are a whole lot of photo booth businesses around that are really getting on the Groupon and also on the Living Social trend. We do get phone calls asking in case we are running any type of Groupon bargains or if we can match a Groupon bargain. To the dismay of the caller we constantly say that we could not match the photo booth deal as well as will not join any type of Groupon kind of bargains.

With the inquiries that we receive, we see that some individuals shop by price only. This is a such a big blunder in our opinion. Just what the customer does not recognize is really that the majority of photo booth companies price way that list their price below “normal cost” are generally start up companies, which could have one photo booth in which has been poorly constructed in their garage the last weekend break. Their listed below market prices is a representation of their determined need for sales that are available, any type of sale.

What many people do not recognize is that these fantastic half off bargains in fact sets back the business offering the Groupon not fifty percent of their revenue but 75% or even more! So if the initial rate for the Groupon is $20 and it is marked down to $10, Groupon will certainly keep for themselves a minimum of $5 leaving the supplier with $5 or less, depending on just what the supplier and Groupon have agreed upon.


Often times these deals consist of black out days, only enabling you to access this offer if your occasion is on a particular day which would normally be on a mid-week. If you do get lucky enough to locate an offer that will function for the day of your event, there’s no assurance that they will even show up. Frequently Groupon vendors will terminate your event last-minute or simply not show up in any way since “they failed to remember.” Regrettably, we have actually seen this a lot of times at gatherings or from customers informing us about their previous experiences. In addition to this comes terrible client service. Your photo booth will either be self-service (and you’re stuck managing any technological problems on your own), or it will certainly have a photo booth assistant that knows little to nothing about client service. Anticipate a minimum-wage-paid teen that will likely be disengaged with guests and/or on their phone the entire time.

Getting What You Paid for in Groupon

You will receive exactly what you pay for with Groupon suppliers. Using photo booths as the general instance: if you spend for a cheap photo booth, you’re going to receive a cheap photo booth. The pictures will certainly sometimes be rough and indistinct, resembling they were taken with a disposable camera. Plus, the set up will more than likely be the equivalent of a McDonald’s Big Mac. It looks great on the advertisement, yet becomes trash in the real world, leaving you naturally disappointed.

Hard Work is Required

A lot of photo booth suppliers who give out Groupon bargains are also just plain lazy. Running any business takes a lot of effort. Advertising, marketing, and also operating a strategic business plan takes a lot of work. Groupon is the easy roadway for a lot of photo booth companies having a little payback. It appears that the business running the Groupon offer had not also considered the ramifications of the Groupon deal they ran up until they load their entire routine with events that pay little or nothing and soon they go under or pull no shows, perhaps even at your occasion.

Experiential Marketing Creating a Branded Experience Using a Photo Booth-Photo Booth Rentals Austin

Experiential Marketing: Creating a Branded Experience Using a Photo Booth

When it comes to experiential events, having an immersive and enjoyable branded experience is on top agenda for every event organizer. It is true that there are many ways to incorporate your brand into the overall experience, a photo booth is another great option in building brand awareness and recognition. One of the many advantages of the modern photo booth is that it is it can be virtually customized in every aspect of it to reflect your brand.

Show your logo on every photo

A picture really speaks a thousand words and having your logo on it can say even more. Ask for custom graphics such as digital border overlays or green screen backgrounds that can be used as digital step-and-repeats to brandish your logo or any sponsor’s logo. As the photos are shared to the event guest’s social media accounts, awareness of your brand will also spread easily and organically.

Wrapping up the kiosk

Experiential events are not to standard without a well-thought design. It is common knowledge that photo booths can become an awkward piece if it does not go with your theme. Customize the wrap so that it would match the overall theme and colors. Not only that, the kiosk can also become a prime ad space for sponsors or other stakeholders who would see value from having their logos displayed.

Using your own word

When considering an open air photo booth for a truly branded experience, make sure that you can customize even to the smallest details. If the photo booth rental company has a social share site, ask if they can accommodate tweaks for the copy and the graphics too.

Broadcasting your branded experience

Use a customizable social media wall that integrates with one is another great way to immerse attendees into a branded experience. This way, attendees are surrounded by a cohesive look, even while their photos and tweets are being broadcast on the the big screen via your event hashtag.

Even though photo booths play a part of the overall experience, it is a quick and easy tool to leverage for any experiential marketing campaigns. Whether it is for brand activation or a store opening, our photo booth is just perfect. Learn how we can help you with your experiential marketing campaign, contact us now!

Branding Campaigns How Branded Photo Booths Helps with Your Campaign-Photo Booth Rentals Austin

Branding Campaigns: How Branded Photo Booths Helps with Your Campaign

If you are holding an event to push for brand awareness, reach out to new customers and collect important data, then the photo booth is the perfect tool for you to do all your requirements. Not only does a photo booth offer a low-cost, yet effective solution to marketing and promoting your brand, it also offers a value added solution for social media channels and audience reach for your company. Here is how.

Social Media Mileage

On corporate events, not only do guests have fun in your branded photo booth, they also have the extended fun of sharing their photos with your brand online after your event. This will take your viral to friends of friends on Facebook via Twitter and all of the other popular social media channels. Because all the photos are uploaded, it is a great marketing tool to get more likes to your Facebook page, increasing your brand awareness.

Creating Lasting Impressions

Your guests’ perception of your brand can help make the brand and the business’ bottom line. It is then important to give them a strong brand association. By having a branded photo booth, this enables your guests to have a positive perception and also have them take away these impressions in the form of their photo booth shots. After the event, you are guaranteed that these photo prints are seen by co-workers, family and friends, making your brand awareness reach go further after the event.

Increase Engagement

Engagement with customers plays an important role in the event and a photo booth gives the perfect platform to do so. Not only does the photo booth act as an attraction and a good conversation starter, it also creates a buzz around your brand. Better engagement would mean that you can talk to these customers about your offerings and create a better dialogue. Customer will feel that your brand is approachable and light-hearted which helps in data collection for ongoing engagement and interaction.

Getting Noticed

A photo booth is actually a big piece of advertising real estate that will stand out and get noticed. In effect, it is advertising your brand loud and clear with a great impact. It will also help attract interest wherever it is utilized.  For example, in shopping malls and on streets, our branded photo booths are used to great effect by incentivizing and diverting shoppers to shop in-store and increase store foot traffic.

Events:Spicing it Up with a Photo Booth-Photo Booth Rental Austin

Events: Spicing it Up with a Photo Booth

The humble photo booth, all the while being synonymous with shopping centers and train stations are steadily becoming a wedding mainstay but with corporate events? It should also be. Let’s face it, people do love taking photos and being at parties allows people to relax and go a little bit beyond. So whether you have decided that a photo booth rental is a must have for your party or would still need a little more persuading, read on!

  1. No better way to break the ice – Sometimes, it does not really matter if your guests know one another and even the best parties take a little more time to warm up. So if you are looking for a fun way for your guests to break the ice, you would not do better than a photo booth rental. Photo booths actually encourages people to interact because, quite simply, nobody wants to be photographed alone at any party. The lure of the booth is quite irresistible. Once guests try it, it is sure that they would want to have their pictures taken with everyone.
  2. The party continues online – if your want your party to be the talk of the town, rent an open air photo booth with social media integration. As long as the venue is wi-fi enabled, which pretty common these days, the photo booth can be programmed to upload all the photos to a social media account. The guests then can share, save and enjoy everyone’s photos and not just their own. Also, there is an added benefit of streaming your event to the internet as it happens, increasing brand visibility and raising your event profile.
  3. Adding props adds more fun – it is funny to think that small things makes the biggest impact. Even if you are not having a theme for the the event, adding a box of props to the photo booth will encourage guests even more to join the fun. Get some wigs and silly glasses out! We guarantee that everyone will be enjoying looking at the photos as much as they will.
  4. Our photo booth attendant adds a touch of class – we would want to keep an eye on things as all the fun is happening in and around the photo booth. Our photo booths come with friendly attendants to help. The presence of a photo booth attendant gives the photo booth an official impression, making the party feel more glamorous as well as exclusive. If you want to maximize the effect, you may also order the red carpet with your photo booth to make your guests extra special for the entire event.

Sot there you go. Some good tips in spicing up your party. Contact us and let us all make it happen!